Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Hala Crystals FAQ page. 

Here you will find most of the answers to the regular questions we receive about the product. However, if there is something you can't find, please do get in touch via:

Phone 0800 028 4381, we are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Social media channels:

Instagram: @halacrystals
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Or via our form on our contact us page.

What is a crystal elixir?

A crystal elixir is created when a crystal is immersed in water to revitalise its energy.
Gem elixirs, also called crystal essences or crystal waters, have been used by many throughout the ages. They are a convenient way to use the vibrational energies of the crystals for crystal healing, magic and more.

How do I clean my Hala bottle?

The glass body of the bottle is dishwasher safe. The lids must be hand washed. Crystal cleaning depends on personal beliefs.

Does the water touch the crystal?

Unlike most crystal water bottles our crystals do become emersed in your drinking water and are not encased in plastic or glass. With that in mind, it means we have specialist crystal suppliers that test every crystal to ensure that it can be used for this purpose.

How much does delivery cost?

You can find our delivery costs on the Delivery & Returns page.

What is the estimated delivery time?

Orders placed before 2pm, Monday to Friday, will be sent that day* with all orders sent Special Delivery arriving the next day**. Orders placed after 2pm will be sent the following day. Except after 2pm Friday, which will be sent out Monday.

You can find out more about deliveries here:

What is your returns policy?

We offer returns within 60 days of purchase* using the returns label attached to your original packing slip. Please see our deliveries and returns page for details:

Do you offer exchanges?

To exchange an item, simply place a new order for what you would like and then return the items you no longer require for a refund.

Which destinations do you deliver to?

Unfortunately, at present, we do not deliver outside of the UK.

Where do your crystals come from?

  • Amethyst - Brazil
  • Rose Quartz - Mozambique, Madagascar
  • Clear Quartz - Brazil, Madagascar
  • Smoky Quartz - Brazil
  • Green Fluorite - China
  • Obsidian - Mexico
  • Rainbow Fluorite - China

What are your bottles made of?

We would love to say Hala Crystal bottles were 100% plastic free but that would not be true. The silicone seal that keeps the bottle watertight has an element of plastic. We are also trialling a variety of packing options as well to remove the bubble wrap and plastic protection from the crystal, which at the moment is the most effective way to ensure the product arrives to you in one piece. Other information includes:

  • Inner cap made from plastic, it is BPA free.
  • The main bottle is glass and stainless steel
  • Crystal (s)
  • Stainless steel and rubber bottom
  • The material of the sleeve is neoprene (recyclable)

We are continually looking at alternatives to try and find a solution to this that allows the bottles to remain watertight and protected. If you have any alternatives you have used or experienced please contact us at Hala Crystals to let us know.