Toxic Positivity

It was when listening to the Positive Peoples Podcast (Ep 16 to be precise) when the discussion of Toxic Positivity came about.

It rang a huge HELL YES bell in my head and made me reassess who I “allow” onto my social media feeds.


What is toxic positivity?

It is when people are continually posting over zealous positive stuff on social media or their blog, and it makes you feel pants. It is usually those accounts that never have an “off day”, show vulnerability or they filter posts within an inch of their “perfect lives”. And so, after a time, it actually makes you start to feel bad about your life and how you are doing — even making you feel ashamed that you are not able to be like them all of the time.


Keeping it real. 

Let’s be honest, no one is like that all the time. No one.

Some people avoid putting their vulnerable selves out there, and that is their choice and ok. Like it is your choice whether you would want to follow people that make you feel bad about your perfectly real life.

And so our advice is to simply unfollow any account or blog that makes you feel less than happy and supported. If the content you are consuming does not provide value to your life, stop consuming it. Stop making yourself feel less than ok. Especially if you can’t see beyond the fact that they are just giving you the sugar coating.

I highly recommend listing to the Positive People Podcast to get a dose empowerment, support and real life, which is on Spotify and iTunes. You can also follow them on the usual social media channels below.



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