How to choose the right Hala Crystals Water Bottle for you.

We are often asked by our audience how they are supposed to choose between our crystal water bottle range, and quite frankly, there is not a right or wrong way to make a choice. So in this blog, we are covering a few ways to help you choose which bottle (or any crystal you may want to buy in the future) is right for you.

1. Go with your gut.

After the brain, the second-biggest network of interconnected neurons is in the stomach area.  

It is believed that the subconscious part of the brain sends signals and can communicate with you through your gut. You know, when you get butterflies when you meet someone you fancy or feel a bit sick when faced with something that scares or challenges you. That is your gut telling you something.

So look at our bottles and listen to your stomach. If it makes a sound or movement when you look at one, then that is the bottle your gut wants!

2. What do you need? 

The crystals within the bottles have properties that support different emotions, mindsets and goals.

For example, our rose quartz crystal water bottle HARMONY can support love and self-compassion. DETOX, our amethyst water bottles promotes calm and relaxation. To help, we have put together a handy guide (below) to show you each crystal within our water bottles and what their properties are believed to support.

3. Just because.

Even if you don’t believe in crystals you have to agree Hala Crystal water bottles are beautiful. PLUS they are reusable, doesn’t leak in your bag and has recyclable parts*. So makes it more than just a crystal water bottle, but a product that is working towards reducing the use of single-use plastics.

So our question to you - is which bottle are you going to choose?

Let us know over on our Facebook page or Instagram feed.

Nat & Pol


How to choose your Hala Crystals water bottle. Click to read more.

How to choose your Hala Crystals water bottle. Click to read more.


*some parts have to be taken to specialist recycling banks.

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